The Puppy Diaries 2: Bonnie’s Babies

The pups had their first outdoor adventure yesterday!  Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather this year, they are getting to explore the yard near the kennel.

4 week old pups are eager to explore

Every day they are more like puppies and less like babies. When we go into the kennel, they pile out of the whelping box and come running to the door to greet us.

Socializing the pups today, obedience training starts soon!

We’ll be bringing the neighbourhood children over for puppy visits this weekend.  Introducing young pups to children is an important part of the socialization process.  At 4 weeks old, they are half way to being ready to go to their new homes.  It is important that we prepare them for all the people and experiences they will encounter when they leave Kendal Hills.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our growing puppies.

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