Grace Expectations: The puppy Diaries, April6,2011

4 week old puppies
we’re out of the box now


The puppies have left the whelping box!  Such clever and curious babies…. they climbed out of the box  last Sunday and are scampering around exploring their environment.  I have taken the front panel off so they can  still get into the box where they sleep. 

At 4 weeks they are getting to the really cute stage. They love to bite my boot laces, they are starting to wrestle with their siblings, and  they are starting to master the physical challenges of the  sideways jump, and the “run and leap” puppy manouevres. It such a hoot to watch them play.

 cuddling a 4 week old puppy        puppy sleeping                                                                                              



    Of course they really love to be picked up and their sweet  kisses makes us smile. At this stage, we are introducing them to children.  Our friends are invited to bring  children over to play with the puppies and  handle them. This is all part of the socialization process.  Of course,  all the playing means that puppies get  tired and they still need their naps. Grace is, as always, very patient as they  bite her ears and try to attack her tail.  Puppies are still nursing and are starting to enjoy the puppy food too.   



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