Grace Expectations: The Puppy Diaries

Grace and her new-born puppies

Proud mother: Grace and her babies

Puppies have arrivied!!! March 8 2011

Grace with cat Hickory before delivery
Grace before labour with Hickory the cat


Grace finally delivered her babies on March 8th in the wee small hours of the morning.  Like her mother Meg, she was very reluctant to produce any babies when  we were in the room. Rather, she preferred to push them out when we left her alone. It  made for  a long night for Tim & me as we checked on her  regularly.

We knew that she would have the puppies  last night as she stopped eating and spent the day lying under Tim’s desk. Remember all our plans for her to delivier in the whelping box?  Well Grace had other ideas and she refused to come out from under the desk. So of course what could we do but make the space as safe and comfortable as possible for her to  do her job?  

Grace was very protective and secretive. Whenever we would come into the office, she would hide her babies close in to her belly. We have 3 males and 3 females. they are a mix of colours: 3 black and white ( maybe  tricolour)  and 3 orange and white. They are all healthy and active and nursing vigorously.Stay tuned as we follow their growth and development

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