Grace Expectations: The Puppy Diaries

The Whelping Box

Picture of the whelping box with heat lampWe usually set up the whelping box about a week before the puppies are due to arrive.  Typical gestation for dogs is 63 days, but the normal range for whelping is between 59 and 66 days after breeding. 

The first time we used this box was in 1985, when our grand dam setter, Ghost’s Ginger Cahill whelped her first litter.  Since then it has held every litter of English Setters born at Kendal Hills.

The whelping box is assembled and thoroughly disinfected with organic, non-toxic cleansers from Lifetime Solutions.  We hang a heat lamp 36 inches above the box to keep the pups warm.  The box is lined with carpet to provide traction for Grace and her nursing pups.

Grace is spending her days in the puppy room, in the hopes that she will decide to have her babies there.  So far, she is not happy with this arrangement, and will most likely have them in her favourite spot – under Tim’s desk.

We will keep you posted!

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