Grace Expectations: The puppy diaries

February 21. Family day.

How appropriate for Grace, given that she is in a family way!

Photo of Grace and Adam pulling Blake on skis

Conditioning is an important part of keeping your pregnant female fit

Grace certainly has fit right in at our house. She loves the cat, much to his dismay as he would prefer to torment her the way he does with Zack!

Grace is getting quite large! We have felt the puppies move and of course now we are wondering how many she will have.

She is at 8 weeks gestation. At this stage, the pups have fur and are  crowded in the uterus. We notice a lot of activity as they are beginning to get into position for the coming birth. Grace has begun to demonstrate some ” nesting behaviour”. She has dug a hole in the carpet under Tim’s desk, much to our chagrin. We think she plans to have her babies  right under the desk….No that is not going to happen.

This week we will build the Whelping box. It is about 4′ X 4′ and has a bar  on the inside of each side to prevent the  mother from  sqaushing her puppies against the side of the box.  Grace will start spending her days down there in the whelping room so she gets used to  the space.

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