Canadian Horses

2 Pairs of Canadian Horses in harness at the Orono Canadian Horse Show                

A Canadian Horse over fences
Peter’s Capitaine Hailey


The Canadian Horse is recognized as the national horse of Canada.  Canadian Horses are known for their versatility, calm temperment, and willingness both under saddle and in harness.  

At Kendal Hills, our horses are used in pleasure driving and riding, but they also earn their keep as work horses.  We use them to draw logs from the woodlot for firewood.  

Tim logging with a pair of Canadian Horses

Logging with a pair of Canadians



Nell driving

Tufts Marco Pat Nocturne


Tufts Marco Pat Nocturne

Nellie was bred and trained at Kendal Hills.  In 2009 she was featured in the Driving Horse Calendar. 

Two Canadian Horses pull a bobsleigh.

Dashing Through the Snow with Junior & Hailey