Bonnie’s Babies: The Puppy Diaries 2

One of the greatest signs that spring is just around the corner is the arrival of new puppies at Kendal Hills. 

In the wee hours of Friday, February 17 our own Kendal Hills Brazil (aka Bonnie) whelped a healthy litter of 7 tiny English Setters: five girls, and two boys, all with lots of black markings just like their parents.

Unlike some of our dogs, who have been known to whelp their pups in the house – remember Grace last spring? – Bonnie preferred to have her puppies in the whelping box at the kennel.

Bonnie is a very protective mother.  She is reluctant to leave the whelping box at this early stage, and has done her best to conceal the pups underneath her head and legs when strangers are near.

How many puppies? A protective mother hides her litter.

In their first hours of life, the pups were no bigger than the palm of your hand.  Their eyes and ears are sealed shut, and they rely on their already keen noses to find their mother to nurse.

6 Hours Old

Within the first 48 hours of their lives, the pups have become voracious eaters.  They have done nothing except sleep and eat, and they have just about doubled in size already!

Bonnie is still very protective of her family, but we can coax her out of the whelping box to eat and stretch her legs.  She will go outside to roll in the snow, but is eager to get back inside and check on her babies.

Stay tuned for updates on the latest additions to Kendal Hills Kennel!

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