Peach and Diamond

January 2016:

See our up-coming litters page for details on our plans to breed Peach and Diamond. This breeding will bring together  our 2 lines of exceptional English Setters.

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Obedience Training

Just wanted to share a new obedience training expert in the Clarington area.

Whether you are looking for a well-mannered canine companion, or the foundation for competitive dog sports, Good Doggy! can help.

Congratulations, Nadine on the launch of Good Doggy! Obedience Training & Consultations.

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Sally’s Puppies: 4 Weeks

2 English Setter PuppiesSally Tapdance whelped a litter of 11 puppies on January 1, 2014.  While not a record setting litter (our largest litter was 13 pups!) these puppies demand a LOT of attention from their mom.

Now that the puppies are romping around, we’ve removed the front panel from their whelping box.  They have freedom to explore the club room of the kennel, and seem to have found a favourite spot beside the woodstove.

Since there are so many puppies, we have already begun to supplement their food with some puppy food soaked with milk replacer.  With eleven mouths to feed, Sally can use all the help she can get! She is a devoted mother, keeping the whelping box spotlessly clean for her growing brood. 

Take a look at some of the cutest pictures in our slideshow video:

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Puppy update

More exciting news here at Kendal Hills!

Our beautiful puppies from Dottie and Pinot Noir, are growing quickly. See pedigree

These puppies are almost five weeks old and are at such a cute phase. They are playful and confident. We ensure that they are well socialized.


sleepy puppies

Our beautiful pure-bred English Setter puppies

Contact us for pricing and information



So cute!

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Dottie’s pups

Our latest litter of beautiful English Setter puppies. There are 5 females and 4 males. All have the wonderful sweet disposition of our carefully bred English setters. They will be exceptional pets as well as superb hunting companions.

Call us to make an appointment to come see them. E-mail for references

They will be ready to go mid February.

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Kendal Hills Setter Impresses at the Empire Grouse Championship

Our own L.B. Horchen aka “Dugan” was this year’s Runner Up at the Empire Grouse Championship at the storied Lost Pond field trial grounds near Norwich, NY.  Dugan ran an impressive race, pointing 2 Grouse in his 60 minute brace. Aside from his own broke finds, Dugan respectfully backed his brace mate, Dew Sweeper.

CH Dew Sweeper & Res.CH L.B. Horchen

Judges Bob Kays and Jim MacDuff were impressed with both dogs during the fourth brace, placing them at the top of a 32 dog field.  Handler Marc Forman says he was pleased with Dugan’s performance.  This young shooting dog has the speed and athleticism to cover the ground. This paired with his natural hunting instinct and intelligence make him a consistently strong competitor.

Dugan is standing at Kendal Hills, and his continued success in the field makes him an excellent choice as a sire.

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The Puppy Diaries 2: Bonnie’s Babies

The pups had their first outdoor adventure yesterday!  Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather this year, they are getting to explore the yard near the kennel.

4 week old pups are eager to explore

Every day they are more like puppies and less like babies. When we go into the kennel, they pile out of the whelping box and come running to the door to greet us.

Socializing the pups today, obedience training starts soon!

We’ll be bringing the neighbourhood children over for puppy visits this weekend.  Introducing young pups to children is an important part of the socialization process.  At 4 weeks old, they are half way to being ready to go to their new homes.  It is important that we prepare them for all the people and experiences they will encounter when they leave Kendal Hills.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our growing puppies.

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The Puppy Diaries 2: Bonnie’s Babies

The puppies are 13 days old, and starting to resemble little dogs.  Their noses have all turned black and their spots are starting to show.  They still spend most of their time sleeping, and the rest of their time eating.


Live to Sleep!


Live to Eat!

Their eyes are open and they are starting to test out their puppy voices.  They are roaming around the whelping box, and they are always looking for their next meal!  When Bonnie comes in from a run, the puppies can all smell her as soon as she is in the room.

Bonnie is still cleaning up after the puppies, and making sure the whelping box is a tidy home. In the next week or so, the pups will start to climb out of the box, and the paper training will begin. In the meantime, we are enjoying our time playing with the pups and watching them grow.

Stay tuned for updates on the newest English Setters at Kendal Hills.

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The Puppy Diaries 2: Bonnie’s Babies

What a difference a week makes! The puppies have doubled in size and are growing like weeds!  They are getting more solid on their feet, and this morning their eyes have started to open.

Growing Puppy Pileup!

We are handling them every day and they are getting used to being picked up and held. Bonnie continues to keep them very clean and the whelping box tidy. She is such a good mom.

Handling the pups every day is part of the early socializing process

There seems to be one tri-colour, a male; all the others are black and white. We may see some brown spots when they start to tick up.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for updates as the pups grow!

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Bonnie’s Babies: The Puppy Diaries 2

One of the greatest signs that spring is just around the corner is the arrival of new puppies at Kendal Hills. 

In the wee hours of Friday, February 17 our own Kendal Hills Brazil (aka Bonnie) whelped a healthy litter of 7 tiny English Setters: five girls, and two boys, all with lots of black markings just like their parents.

Unlike some of our dogs, who have been known to whelp their pups in the house – remember Grace last spring? – Bonnie preferred to have her puppies in the whelping box at the kennel.

Bonnie is a very protective mother.  She is reluctant to leave the whelping box at this early stage, and has done her best to conceal the pups underneath her head and legs when strangers are near.

How many puppies? A protective mother hides her litter.

In their first hours of life, the pups were no bigger than the palm of your hand.  Their eyes and ears are sealed shut, and they rely on their already keen noses to find their mother to nurse.

6 Hours Old

Within the first 48 hours of their lives, the pups have become voracious eaters.  They have done nothing except sleep and eat, and they have just about doubled in size already!

Bonnie is still very protective of her family, but we can coax her out of the whelping box to eat and stretch her legs.  She will go outside to roll in the snow, but is eager to get back inside and check on her babies.

Stay tuned for updates on the latest additions to Kendal Hills Kennel!

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